Residential FAQ's

Is solar right for my home?

The short answer is yes. Solar can be installed on most any home and is able to help you offset or eliminate your electric bill. Some homes are more adept to solar installation but we will design a system specific for your needs, and home.

Who installs my system?

The Angle Solar Solutions Installation Team will install your solar PV system on your home. The pride and quality that we put into building our homes has been integrated into installing solar PV systems on your home.

What is the warranty on my system?

The solar panels have a 20-25 year warranty and the inverter has a 10 year warranty. After normal wear, the inverter, which changes the electricity produced by the panels to electricity you use in your home, will need to be replaced between years 10 and 20.

How long will my system last?

Though the panels are warranted for 25 years, the latest advancements are estimated to last much longer than that, even up to 40 years.

Can my HOA stop me from getting solar?

No! Arizona state legislation says that no HOA can stop you from installing solar on your home. You may need to follow other HOA regulations such as submitting a letter of intent to install solar but an HOA cannot restrict your decision to use and install solar in Arizona.

What size system do I need?

Factors such as location and usage will determine what size system you need. Our solar professionals will come to your home and do a thorough site assessment to make sure we give you an accurate proposal and design for a recommended system to specifically meet your needs. To do this, we will need your current bill which shows your previous 12 month kWh history.

How do I get my 12 month kWh history?

Your current bill has a 12 month kWh history. You may also access it online by logging in with your username and password and click on your electric account. Then click on Billing and Payments. Scroll down and you will see your previous 2 year bill and kWh history. Record what the kWh was for the past year. If you do not have online access, you can bring in your most recent statement and our solar professionals can get a very accurate idea of your 12 month kWh history.

How much money will I save?

Over the next 20 years, customers are saving thousands of dollars between the upfront costs and the savings in electricity. The typical return on investment for a purchase is 4-7 years. Through our numerous financing methods, you can actually start saving money right from the very first month with no out-of-pocket expenses.

What if I sell my home?

If you have purchased your solar PV system, then you will be able to sell the system with your home and benefit from the increase in property value. If you have leased the system, you have two options: Transfer the lease to the new homeowner, or purchase the system for the remaining value amount and sell it with the price of the home.

What if I need to repair or replace my roof?

If your roof needs to be replaced or it is coming to the last years of its life, we recommend fixing it if possible before starting the solar installation. If the system is already in place, then you can either reroof around the system or have the system removed by a solar professional and then reinstall the system once the roofing has been replaced.

How will this affect my property value and property taxes?

Solar is one of the only things you can do to raise the property value of your home without raising your property taxes. This is protected in AZ State legislation.

Can I add more panels later?

Yes. If you find that your needs change, i.e. more children, family comes to live with you, greater power consumption, etc, then there is always the option of adding more panels. If you think you would benefit from additional panels a solar professional can come out and reevaluate your home and system to accommodate the changes.

What happens if it is cloudy or rainy outside?

SunPower panels are able to see more types of light and work more effectively than conventional panels when there is less light. This means that even though you will produce the most electricity on clear and sunny days, you will still be producing a significant amount of electricity on cloudy and rainy days.

How do I get power at night?

Once your solar PV system has been installed, you will receive a new meter called a net meter. This measures how much power you produce and how much you use from the utility grid. As the sun goes down, you will seamlessly switch to using the energy you have previously produced being stored by the utility company.

What happens if the power goes out?

Because your inverter is completely grid tied, if the grid goes down, your power will also be down. You do not have anything to worry about. Once the grid comes back online, your solar PV system will also come back online.

What is the maintenance of the system?

Because solar PV systems have virtually no moving parts, there is little to no maintenance.

Should I wait for new technology?

Will technology improve? Yes. But if you wait for the latest and greatest technology, you will always be waiting. Our systems are reliable and will last you a very long time. Even when the technology advances, you can rest assured that the solar pv system on your home will still be producing energy efficiently and providing your power needs.

Does it have to be ugly?

No. Our professionals install the most attractive panels on the market and make sure that it looks great on your home.

Determine solar recommendation with site assessment and needs assessment Up to 1 week
Sign contract or lease agreements 1-2 weeks(depending on financing method)
Obtain rebate 1-2 weeks
Prepare site plan and line diagrams 1 week
Obtain permits 1-2 weeks
Order equipment 3-6 weeks
Install on home 1 week
City/County Permit Inspection 1 week
Utility inspection/ interconnection 1-2 weeks
Enjoy the savings on your electric bill The rest of your life