Why Install Solar on Your Home

Most are under the impression that only people with lots of money can afford to install a solar PV system on their home. But, with our new financing options, most anyone can afford to install solar on their home and enjoy the benefits of solar while saving money right from the very first month. Installing solar on your home not only protects the environment, it can also free up cash for other monthly expenses and investments. Start saving money today by installing a solar PV system on your home.

Incentives/ Rebates


You will receive a Federal Tax Credit of 30% of the installed price of your PV system.


You will receive a 25% State Tax Credit up to $1000.

Utility Rebate

These rebates vary from year to year but are normally available. Here are links to the sites where the rebate information is updated.


At Angle Solar Solutions, we have the best financing options for any situation. A typical solar PV system will cost between $17,000 and $50,000. Here are the different options we offer at Angle Solar Solutions.

Solar Lease

  • - $0 money down
  • - Lowest monthly payments
  • - Option to purchase after 6 years
  • - Power Production Guarantee

Cash Purchase

If you have some money stored away looking to invest, then solar can give you a great return on your investment. You will be able to get 30% back in a Federal tax credit along with a state tax credit of $1,000*. You will own your system and avoid interest charges.

Solar Loan

  • - Spread the cost of your system over time
  • - Low monthly payments
  • - Keep the 30% Federal and $1000 state tax credits* along with applicable utility rebates

*Customers have 5 years to redeem Federal and State Tax Credits